Tuesday, 14 June 2016

New Products Launch

Dear Friends,

It has been a fruitful 3.5years journey and all these while Soulcraft had created a lots of products that we have lost counts and we gained a lot of new friends along the way and we appreciated your kind encouragement and support, without you, Soulcraft will never come so far.

Due to new commitment, Soulcraft has ceased custom made products and fabric selections will no longer be available.

Soulcraft will be launching a series of new products soon and each products will only produce in a limited quantity which come with different color range or in limited edition. (Fabric used will not be repeat once sold). This is to ensured the uniqueness of the products.

Soulcrafts also bring in premium crafts material for those who like DIY can browse thru our craft's material supplies album.

Once again thank you and hope you will continued to support us.