Sunday, 13 August 2017

Teacher's day gifts

Dear friends,

I'm so sorry for not posting anything here for so long. There is a lot of commitment from me and recently I just picked up a new skill in energy healing and been busy healing people.

Okay, that is a bit update of what I'm doing recently, let's get back to main topic today of this year teacher's day gifts.

Frankly speaking, I have been so busy that I have no time to craft so I actually decided to buy from retails store but I can't find anything unique or special and practical to use for the teachers.

I know the teachers every year will received a lot of stationery, flowers, cups etc and I think they have a lot and don't need me to further contribute to those so I decided to make a simple gift on behalf of my son and I left the "To" & "From" column blank for him to write it himself ;p

This year Teacher's day gifts I made these simple keyfob, no time to craft so I play cheat by using someone else template.
Credit goes to " A girl and a glue Gun"…/key-to-my-success-free-te…

Thank you and it saved me a lot of time to do my own template.
Hope I give you all some ideas for this year teacher's day appreciation gift.
Have a nice day

Note: these are not for sales and I'm not making them for sales either, so don't pm me ya